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  Traphik 1999 has launched with it's first three episodes. David Lynch (who is a wonderful actor ) stars in the second episode and will be staring in the 5th and 6th episodes as well. Please come and view the streaming videos at


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  Nadja 1996

– hurry the dead travel fast –

Written and Directed by Michael Almereyda
Executive Producer David Lynch
Produced by Amy Hobby and Mary Sweeney
Associate Producer: Andrew Fierberg

Cinematography by Jim Denault
Edited by David Leonard
Production Design by Kurt Ossenfort

Starring Elina Lowensohn (Nadja), Peter Fonda (Prof. Van Helsing), Martin Donovan (Jim), David Lynch (Morgue attendant), Suzy Amis (Cassandra), Galaxy Craze (Lucy) et al.


Nadja and her twin brother – both vampires living in contemporary Manhattan – have a parting of the ways as Nadja revels in her inherent evil. Her brother teams up with Dr. Van Helsing to destroy her in this stylish erotic thriller executive produced by David Lynch.

This black-and-white fantasy follows the escapades of Dracula's daughter Nadja, who's living a bohemian lifestyle in New York's East Village. Dr. Van Helsing, the famous vampire hunter, has just put an end to the Count's nocturnal activities. So Nadja and her ailing twin brother Edgar are left to carry on an unwanted family tradition. But she's beginning to feel existential angst over her vampiric legacy, as she sleeps all day and stays out all night roaming the bars in search of love. Meanwhile Edgar's being looked after by a nurse who's well acquainted with the Van Helsing clan – who are painstakingly closing in on Nadja's bloodthirsty trail.

Shot using a combination of DuArt black-and-white 35mm and a Pixelvision toy video camera. A Kino Link production. Shown at the Toronto Film Festival in 1994. Score composer Simon Fisher Turner also composed the soundtracks for six of Derek Jarman's films. Additional credits: Portishead (song composers/performers), Stewart Levy (sound design), and Ed Talavera (second unit camera).

order the film on home video from for $12.99

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  Twin Peaks 1989-1991

David Lynch as FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole in Twin Peaks (left) and Fire Walk With Me (right)

In both film and TV series David Lynch played FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole who is suffering from a "ninety-nine persent hearing loss" (David Lynch).
More information can be found at the Twin Peaks and Fire Walk With Me pages.

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  Zelly and Me 1988

Written and Directed by Tina Rathborne
Starring Isabella Rossellini (Mademoiselle "Zelly"), David Lynch (Willie), Alexandra Johnes (Phoebe), Glynis Johns (Co-Co)


David Lynch as Willie Wealthy orphan Phoebe lives with her grandmother Coco in an immaculate, overstuffed house, filled with servants and a governess devoted to the lonely little girl. But Coco's grasping jealousy and possessiveness over her granddaughter drive her to fire all of her employees, one by one. Phoebe, now without the people she loves and who love her, becomes increasingly obsessed with the flames that caused her parents death. Then Zelly, Phoebe's former nanny, returns with her new boyfriend... and a dramatic plan to rescue the girl from her stifling home life.

By Hal Hinson, Washington Post Staff Writer May 20, 1988

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  Dune 1984

In a short Hitchcock-like cameo Lynch plays a spice minor on the planet Dune.
More information on the film at the Dune page.

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  Heart Beat 1978

Directed by John Byrum
Starring Sissy Spacek (Carolyn Cassady), Nick Nolte (Neal Cassady), John Heard (Jack Kerouac)
Production Design Jack Fisk

This film – set in the 40's and 50's – was based on the life of Jack Kerouac (Heard) and Neal (Nolte) and Carolyn Cassady (Spacek). David Lynch played a painter and the paintings of that painter in the movie were his own (!!). Unfortunately you'll neither see him nor his paintings in the film because they got kicked out during the final cut.

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