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Pretty As A Picture: The Art Of David Lynch

USA 1997
by Toby Keeler

Pretty As A Picture is a fine documentary on Lynch by his friend Toby Keeler. It covers all areas of his work - films, paintings, furniture, music- it includes also clips from his early short films. get more information at Fine Cut Presentations on the new David Lynch documentary by Toby Keeler the ran on BRAVO and the INDEPENDENT FILM CHANNEL.

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For One Week Only: David Lynch

UK 1990
by Andy Harries

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Don't Look At Me

UK 1988
by John Powers

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No Frank In Lumberton

Germany 1988
by Peter Braatz

This 60 minute German documentary ran on German TV in 1988. It portraits Lynch during his work on Blue Velvet from August-November 1985 in Wilmington, North Carolina.

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Destination Dune

USA 1984
by Paul M. Sammon
on the shooting of Dune in Mexico City.

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