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  Note: The woodcutters project has nothing to do with TWIN PEAKS. It is not a Twin Peaks sequel!
Anyway, here's the article with the speculation about a Twin Peaks sequel.

Synergy, KDD To Make 3-D Twin Peaks Sequel With David Lynch

TOKYO (Nikkei)-Synergy Inc., a Tokyo-based multimedia contents production firm, will team up with Kokusai Denshin Denwa Co. (KDD) and another Japanese partner to produce a 3-D movie featuring advanced computer graphics, company officials said. The movie will be made jointly with U.S. director David Lynch, probably as a sequel to his popular TV series Twin Peaks.

The movie, described as a sci-fi horror movie, is slated for completion in summer 1999 at a cost of 250 million yen.

Multimedia Finance Co., a finance firm affiliated with Bandai Co. (7967), will put up 150 million yen, while the remaining cash will come equally from Synergy and KDD.

Synergy plans to produce a video-game version of the movie on DVD-ROM (digital videodisc read-only memory) for use with the Internet, plus music CDs, company officials said, aiming for 1 billion yen in total sales.

taken from the NIKKEI NET News, Thursday March 5, 1998, Volume 3 #614, Issued: 10:00 a.m. JST

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