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Lynch's Empire Is Nearly Built, 25 November 2005

DV project nears completion

David Lynch's next feature film, Inland Empire which began its life as a project on his website - is close to completion. Having started without a script, the film is currently in post production, where details about the films plot are still typically fuzzy.

We know that it is 'a mystery about a woman in trouble' (which was also the basic premise for Mulholland Drive), and stars Laura Dern, Justin Theroux, Harry Dean Stanton, Julia Ormond and Jeremy Irons.

"I can't say what elements will end up in the final edit," says producer Mary Sweeney, "but it's a project he's been shooting over the course of the past three years." The film will be shot on digital, with Lynch going as far as to suggest he is 'done with film', because of the enormous possibilities that DV brings.

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