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  The Madison House

Madison House David Lynch owns three houses in the Hollywood Hills. One of them was the location for the Madison home in his 1997 picture Lost Highway. This is the very left one of the three buildings where they were setting up David Lynch's own sound/ recording studio when I was there. The first album that was produced in this new studio – Lux Vivens – has been released on August 25th 1998. Asymmetrical – Lynch's production company – has its headquarter in the middle one and the building on the right hand is the "Beverly Johnson House" designed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright in the Sixties and that's the house David Lynch lives in.

Anyway, the Mystery Man must still be around there. At least he was when I was there first. I was visiting the Asymmetrical Studios in the afternoon, took some pictures of the Madison House and it turned out, or I should say it didn't, cause for "some reason" came sand in the film box which ripped the film material and so there is only one sunlit picture of the house left.
But of course I was there around dusk to take some pictures in a spooky kind of light and what happened when I took those pictures I'll tell you later.....

One more thing: Please don't ask for pics of David Lynch's home or his home address. For privacy reasons I won't put it up on the web and I won't E-Mail you the address either. So remember Eddie Vedder's words: P-R-I-V-A-C-Y is priceless to me...

The Madison House Pictures
The Madison House, Mulholland Drive and Hollywood Sunset


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