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Cannes Film Festival 2001


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"Mulholland Drive" premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on May 16. The 2:26 min film was shown in competition at the "Grand Théâtre Lumière" at 12 pm.

David Lynch said: "It's the best film festival in the world, in my opinion."
"Very generally, Europeans appreciate abstractions more. I just like being here, with all this film around."

David Lynch won the prize as "Best Director" for "Mulholland Drive" ex aequo with Joel Coen (for "The Man Who Wasn't There"). Lynch said: "I really like Joel and Ethan Coen so it is a great thing to share this with them. I feel that it's a great honor and a thrill to show a film here at Cannes, obviously if you win something, it's even more beautiful."

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