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  About his Prints

David Lynch

"I have to have an idea to get started, but that is only a point of departure and it evolves from there."

"It's the darker things I really find beautiful... color to me is too real."

"Sometime during the process the abstractions conjure up words."

Tim Rooney (Tandem curator)

"David Lynch came and visited the press and expressed his interest in making prints, and we set the dates and shortly thereafter went into production."

"The simplicity and the mystery of Lynch's prints appeals to me. The basic iconography of the works attracts the viewer and the text adds an element of mystery beyond the initial impact of the imagery."

Brett Wood (film historian in College Park, Georgia)

" In certain regards a departure in style and process from his previous work, the recent prints nevertheless continue many of the themes and images that haunt his earlier compositions. Heeding the visual and psychological compulsions that beckon the artist's imagination, these more recent works shed some of the awkward quirkiness that sometimes diminished the impact of his previous creations."

" In this recent series of prints, Lynch has expanded the breadth of his vision to yet another medium with great proficiency and achieved a level of artistic maturity exceeding that of his previous work. The white backgrounds and often simple designs of his prints reflect a tendency toward a cleaner aesthetic, though he has sacrificed none of the darkness and grotesquerie that have for years characterized his work in various media."


  Further Information

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