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[Lynch's paintings] "My policy [on color] is that I don't like it, maybe because I haven't learnt to use it properly. Whatever the reason it doesn't thrill me - it looks cheep and goofball. Although I like to do brown and brown is a color. I also like earth colors and sometimes I use red and yellow-the red is used for blood a lot and the yellow is used for fire."

"Black and white takes you kind of far away. Some things are said better in it, some feelings come across better."

"Black and white is so pure. And because it's pure, everything is heightened in a way. It just has more power"

"Well, I've never been pressured to shoot in color. Mel Brooks was really hot for the idea of me doing Elephant Man in black and white. Nobody bothered me on Eraserhead, either. I wish I had made Dune in black and white. Blue Velvet was the first film that really felt as if it should be in color. It had the right mood. Black and white would have killed the neighborhood feeling - the "small-town story" feel. Color had the warmth that the film needed."

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