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David Lynch


"There's many people that can give you ideas, and suggestions, and you'd be a fool to turn down a good idea. And you have to throw out the bad. But all these things should filter through one filtering system so that the whole thing has a chance to hold together. Films by committees just...uh, you know, I'm sure there's exceptions to this, but generally speaking they just don't hold together."

"Where there's compromise, to me, is in a studio situation. And I don't really know about it too much. But, more and more there's not just one person at the head of the studio that can make the decision. There are, like, committees of people, and if I ever had to go through a committee, I would be in big trouble, because they all want to understand the picture and I don't want to explain in words and not only don't want to, but I can't sometimes, you know what I mean? I love the delicate abstractions that cinema can do and only poets can do with words. Maybe if I could write a poem to them, but it wouldn't work anyway."

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