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David Lynch


"To my mind, most tables are too big and they're too high. They shrink the size of the room and eat into space and cause unpleasant mental activity."

"I don't want to appear like some all-round talent. Not at all. I just inevitably get involved with different things. I started out being a painter. And like many painters I was looking for a new challenge. Because it is not easy to make money with art. After all, just to build canvas stretchers, and stretch a canvas you get involved with a lot of tools. And one thing always leads to another: Pretty soon I was building things.
It's a special outlook. You build your own world. And, in my case, my father always had a workshop in the house and I was taught how to use tools and spent a lot of time in the shop building things, so it all started at a young age."

"Films, paintings, furniture, ect. are all based on ideas. You get an idea. And then you're hooked. Not to forget: I love building. And building is as important as designing, because many times design grows as one is building. "

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