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David Lynch


"I've learned that the major studios don't want to make movies with me - and I don't know why that is. I think they respect me, but when it comes down to it, they don't want to take a chance because I could ruin things for them. Hollywood is a fragile place and heads roll easily here. As to how all this has affected me, you just learn what your lot in life is, and I think my lot in life is to be true to your school, like the Beach Boys said. And, really, my lot in life is pretty great. I have faith that I can make the pictures I wanna make and have them near the main center but still be different in ways that are important to me."

"I feel that Hollywood has been behind me since The Elephant Man. Dune didn't kill me; it just kind of kept things the same. I'm not really a "hot" director; I'm hot with quite a few qualifications. If Blue Velvet were making $100 million at the box office, then it'd be hard to keep the door shut. These days you need to make a pile of money, before people will take a second look. You need quite a stack, actually, before you're really smoking."

"I love Hollywood."

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