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"Because people have an idea that Dorothy [in Blue Velvet] was Everywoman, instead of being just Dorothy. That's where the problem starts. If it's just Dorothy, and it's her story - which it is to me - then everything is fine ... When you start talking about "women" versus "a woman," then you're getting into this area of generalization. There's a billion of different stories and possibilities."

"The only thing to say about all the controversy is, did I make all that up, or are there examples in real life? And there are countless examples like that in real life. So why do they get upset when you put something like this in a film? People get into all sorts of strange situations, and you can't believe they're enjoying it, but they are. There are lots of reasons for it. It gets you into psychiatry."

[though this quote - mostly related to the cast of Richard Pryor in Lost Highway - may be a bit out of context it still describes pretty well how Lynch thinks about those accusations of misogyny]
"That's the kind of thinking... it's really sick and twisted. It's really them that are imagining these things, so they're the sick and twisted ones just to come up with that concept."

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