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David Lynch


"Every note of music has enough breath to carry you away and as a director, all you have to do is let the right wind blow at the right time."

"Angelo [Badalamenti] really brought me into the world of music, right into the middle of it."

" I never got deep into working with a composer and having that experience of being able to fall into the world of music, and Angelo invited me into that world, and encouraged it, and many great experiences have come out of that."

"Music's been real important to me since the time I was small... And it's amazing how much we know that we don't realize we know. Like music - I'm not a trained musician, but when you get into it, you discover you really do have an understanding of the form and have incredibly strong feelings about how music should be made. I'm not saying l'm a skilled musician, but me and Angelo - who's a great musician - have an instant dialogue."

"Lately I feel films are more and more like music. Music deals with abstractions and, like film, it involves time. It has many different movements, it has much contrast. And through music you learn that, in order to get a particular beautiful feeling, you have to have started far back, arranging certain things in a certain way. You can't just cut to it."

"Well, music gives you an indication of the mood, again, and if you lock out and find things out upfront they can help you tremendously."

"You're listening to music sometimes through your headphone and listening to the dialogue mixed with that music even though the actors may not be hearing it and you can tell right away if the pace is right, the mood is right, the light is right...everything. If the music reinforces it or if you have to start again."

"I've always worked with Angelo Badalamenti and we sit together. Angelo at the keyboard and me sitting talking to him and it's always the way we work. It comes out of, again, trying something and discovering something from that and trying something else, action and reaction until he's on the track and then he goes."

"I always think about music alot because music is, takes pacing in time and it goes through many of the same steps that a film goes through. In order to get this feeling here, certain things have to have proceed to that and they have to be a certain way and if those things are done correctly, when you hit this, you get a result. And that's the power of music and the potential power of cinema."

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