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David Lynch


"Nature is a great teacher, and many of the things that happen in nature can guide you in your other avenues."

"Nature is the guide for making, you know, everything. There's slow areas and fast areas... the blank wall is the slow area. I always talk about the duck... the proportions of a duck, the textures work in such a way, you've got big feathers on the body, and they can't be put on the head - that would be completely wrong... it's gotta be little bitty feathers there, and the bill has to be a certain length, and the bill related to the feet in some of the textures and coloring. And the feathers curve down in this s-curve into this huge big body, which is the soft, slow area. And the eye of the duck can only be put right there, like a little gleaming jewel. It couldn't be stuck in the body, it would get lost... and it couldn't get stuck in the leg - that would be two speedy things next to each other and it would just be...a joke."

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