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David Lynch


"Respect for, you know, the work – that's success for me."

"Success can be even more dangerous than failure."

"Well, I would like to have a hit film. A hit film means many, many people appreciate this particular film and that would be a unique and pleasurable experience for me."

"That initial burst of success is like a huge flame, and if you're lucky, it shrinks down and becomes a hand warmer that stays warm for a long time."
"My big success is over, and it's no longer interfering with my life the way it was in 1990, when I was on the cover of Time magazine. The minute I saw that magazine, I knew it was over, and at that point a dark cloud began to form over me. I wasn't unhappy during that period, because there's a freedom that comes when you're down – you've taken the beating, things aren't gonna get any worse, and it's all just part of the cycle. It's no fun, though."

"Business is so far down the ladder of importance when it comes to film that it shouldn't even be discussed. It's sick how much attention it gets, but then, the world is ass-backwards.
It would be fantastic to be able to make movies and never put them out. I love getting them to where they're really right for me – that part is just beautiful. When it's time to release them, the heartache begins."

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