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David Lynch


"I like the idea that everything has a surface which hides much more underneath. Someone can look very well and have a whole bunch of diseases cooking: there are all sorts of dark twisted things lurking down there. I go down in that darkness and see what's there. Coffee shops are nice safe places to think. I like sitting in brightly lit places where I can drink coffee and have some sugar. Then, before I know it, I'm down under the surface gliding along; if it becomes too heavy, I can always pop back into the coffee shop."

"There's always the surface of something and something altogether different going on beneath the surface. Just like electrons busily moving about, but we can't see them. That's one of the things films do, show you that conflict."

"I learned that just beneath the surface, there's another world, and still different worlds as one digs deeper. Nothing is as it seems -- I knew it as a kid, but couldn't find proof. It was just a feeling. There is goodness like those blue skies and flowers, but another force -- a wild pain and decay also accompanies everything."

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