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David Lynch


"Technology doesn't threaten me in general. It could, though. It all depends on how it's used. But if it leads to a better standard of living then I think it's really O.K."

"I have my own recording studio now. It's primarily digital and I'm on Photoshop now."

"It's a very good thing if you keep your eye on the donut and not on the hole. In other words follow the story and not to get lost in technology."

"It's all about getting lost as well. That's a danger. I'm just speaking for myself, it's a great tool. It's a unbelievable tool."

"But there's always the piece of paper and the pencil and they've been available for a long time and really, relatively speaking, only a few great works have really been done in digital technology. It's a tool but I expect some unbelievable things to happen as a result of it."

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