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David Lynch


"I'm obsessed with textures. We're surrounded by so much vinyl that I find myself constantly in pursuit of other textures. One time I removed all the hair from a mouse with Nair-Hair just to see what it looked like. And it looked beautiful"

"I'm really interested in textures ... For instance, I once had this dead cat. A vet gave it to me. I took it home. It was a real experience. I got all set up for it in the basement. And I dissected it. I examined all its parts, the membranes, the air, the skin, and there are so many textures which may be pretty gross on one side but when you isolate them and consider them more abstractly, they are totally beautiful. There's something in nature, especially when nature starts decomposing, that brings out these textures. For a long time I loved looking at that."

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