The City of Absurdity The Straight Story
European Film Award

European Film AcademyThe Straight Story is the winner of the SCREEN INTERNATIONAL AWARD BEST NON-EUROPEAN FILM 1999 by the European Film Academy.
David Lynch was on hand to accept the award, he said: "On behalf of all the people that worked on The Straight Story, especially Mary Sweeney, but all the people that worked in front and behind the camera I wanna say thank you for this award. It's a great honor for all of us. In addition congratulations and best wishes for the European film. Also, Pedro*, I know you had it tough in the beginning but it hasn't always been so easy for me, either, when you imagine that I had to live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania."
Producer Alain Sarde who also attended the awards said: "I just want to say thank you David Lynch because it's a great privilege for a producer to work with an artist like him."

* referring to Spanish director Pedro Almodovar who won several prizes including film of the year.


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