The City of Absurdity The Straight Story

Wall Street Journal
by Joe Morgenstren

Lynch throws curve 'Straight' to the heart
by Mike Clark, USA Today

Found Highways - The King of Weird shows his sunny side
by Andy Klein, LA Times

Found Highway
by Andy Klein, River Front Times

by Roger Ebert

Entertainment Weekly
by Owen Gleiberman

'Straight Story' Cuts Swath to the Heart
by Desson Howe, Washington Post

Village Voice
by J. Hoberman

Lynch's 'Straight Story' Is Bound To Be Deere To Your Heart
by Lou Lumenick, New York Post

A Grand Quest
by Richard Corliss, TIME magazine

Farnsworth's Earnestness Cuts Through Lynch's 'Story'
by Kenneth Turan, LA Times

San Diego Reader
by Duncan Shepherd

Screen it .com
October 18, 1999

Forget the G rating – this road movie is as weird as David Lynch gets.
by Charles Taylor

  New York Times
by Janet Maslin

David Lynch's surprising 'The Straight Story' balances pastoral and moral beauty
by Michael Wilmington, Chicago-Tribune

Premiere Magazine
September 1999

Film Threat
by Merle Bertrand

Film Threat
by Ron Wells

Blessed Simplicity
by Elizabeth Weitzman

A quirky road less traveled
by Dayana Stetco, Orlando Weekly

'Straight Story' is a trip worth taking
by Louis B. Parks, Houston Chronicle

'Straight Story' gets right to heart of lawn mower trip
by Duane Dudek, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Story goes Straight past passeé ironic edge
by Steven Rosen, Denver Post

Daily Californian
October 1999

Umistakable Americana at 4MPH
Spliced Online's

Reviews in German

Cannes Reviews

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