The City of Absurdity The Straight Story

cover Track Listing

  1. Laurens, Iowa
  2. Rose's Theme
  3. Laurens Walking
  4. Sprinkler
  5. Alvin's Theme
  6. Final Miles
  7. Country Waltz
  8. Rose's Theme (Variation)
  9. Country Theme
  10. Crystal
  11. Nostalgia
  12. Farmland Tour
  13. Montage

Music Composed and Conducted by: Angelo Badalamenti
Music Published by Anlon Music Co. (ASCAP)/Bobkind Music Inc. (ASCAP)
Orchestrations by Angelo Badalamenti
Produced by David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti
Score Recorded at Asymmetrical Studio, Hollywood, CA
Scoring, Recording and Mixing Engineer: John Neff
Mixed by David Lynch

Article on the soundtrack

Additional music featured in the film, but not included on the soundtrack album:

"The Most Requested Song"
(From Strange Tales of the Late West)
Written by Middlejohn and John Neff

"Solo Spin Out"
Written and Performed by The Radio Ranch Straight Shooters

"Y' Ready"
Written by Spade Cooley
Performed by The Radio Ranch Straight Shooters

"Happy Times"
Written by S. Fine
Performed by Jo Stafford


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