The City of Absurdity   TWIN PEAKS
The Red Room



A large, windowless, well-lit, sparsely furnished, red-draped room. A table and three easy chairs. Dale Cooper, twenty-five years older, sits in one of the chairs. A LITTLE MAN, three and a half feet tall, in a red suit, stands with his back to Cooper, shaking violently. A BEAUTIFUL YOUNG WOMAN who looks exactly like Laura Palmer sits across from Cooper in another easy chair.

The Little Man stops shaking, turns to Cooper and claps his hands once.

Let's rock!

The Little Man sits in a chair beside the beautiful woman. The Little Man closes his eyes and rubs his hands slowly together.

The Little Man holds hands with the Woman, they look at each other, then look at Cooper, smiling enigmatically. The Little Man rubs his hands slowly again; the shadow of a bird passes above them.

Both the Little Man and the Woman's speech is oddly stilted. We see sub-titles under them, with the correct words. Throughout, Cooper sits still, watches, and listens.

I've got good news! That gum you like is going to come back in style. She's my cousin, but doesn't she look almost exactly like Laura Palmer?
But it is Laura Palmer. Are you Laura Palmer?

I feel like I know her, but sometimes my arms bend back.

She's filled with secrets. Where we're from, the birds sing a pretty song and there's always music in the air.

Strange saxophone music filters into the air. The Little Man hops off the chair and begins to dance a strange dance around the table. The Woman rises, goes over, and gently kisses Cooper on the mouth. She softly whispers something in his ear.

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