The City of Absurdity   The Alphabet 1968
"Please remember, you are dealing with the human form."


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  About the Film

David Lynch

"There are things in The Alphabet that keep coming back, and The Grandmother too. Maybe you do keep doing the same things over and over."

"A little nightmare about the fear connected with learning. It's very abstract, a pretty dense little film."

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  Film Data

Written, Animated, Filmed, Edited and Directed by David Lynch
Produced by Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and H. Barton Wasserman

Sound Design: David Lynch
Sound Editing: Robert McDonald
Mixing: Robert Cullum
Opening Song: David Lynch

Voices: Bob Chadwick, Peggy Lynch

Cast: Peggy Lynch (Girl)

Running Time: 4 minutes
16 mm, Color
Budget: $US 7200
Location: Philadelphia, PA

Pictures of the Film

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