The City of Absurdity   The Cowboy and the Frenchman 1989
"Goll Dang - Yippie Kai Yai A - This is giving me a headache."


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  About the Film

The Cowboy and the Frenchman is one episode from Les Français Vu Par... a television program for the 10th anniversary of Le Figaro Magazine. The other episodes are directed by Werner Herzog, Andrzej Wajda, Luigi Comencini and Jean-Luc Godard.


"Slim, the foreman of the ranch – almost stone cold deaf on account of two rounds of 30.06 going off a little too close when he was thirteen and a half – along with Pete and Dusty - sees something unusual coming down the mountain...."

David Lynch

"An absurd comedy. A Frenchman was in New York City and some very kind people gave him some pills in Central Park. Then he took them, and the next thing he knows is he ends up at a ranch in the West and Harry Dean Stanton is the foreman and Jack (Nance) and Tracey (Walter) are the sidekicks. And they don't know what he is, until they start going through his valise. Finally, they figure out that he's a Frenchman. And it goes from there."

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A Erato Films, Socpress, Figaro Production
Executive Producer: Paul Cameron, Pierre Olivier
Producer: Daniel Toscan du Plantier

Written and Directed by David Lynch
Cinematography Frederick Elmes
Edited by Scott Chestnut

Production Design: Patricia Norris
Sound Design: John Huck Music: Jacques Offenbach, Radio Ranch Straight Shooters, Eddy Dixon, Jean Jacques Perrey
Additional Music: Bobby Woods

Cast: Harry Dean Stanton (Slim), Frederic Golchan (Pierre), Tracey Walter (Dusty), Jack Nance (Pete), Michael Horse (Brocken Feather),Rick Guillory, Marie Lauren, Patrick Hauser, Eddy Dixon, Magali Alvarado, Ann Sophie, Robin Summers, Kathy Dean, Leslie Cook, Manette Lachance, Kelly Redusch, Michelle Rudy, Debra Seitz, Dominique Rojas, Audrey Tom, Amanda Hull, Talisa Soto, Jackie Old Coyote

Running Time 22 minutes, color

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