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Julee Cruise – with Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch

Twin Peaks Fire Walk with Me Industrial Symphony

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  About the Music

David Lynch

"Music's been real important to me since the time I was small... And it's amazing how much we know that we don't realize we know. Like music – I'm not a trained musician, but when you get into it, you discover you really do have an understanding of the form and have incredibly strong feelings about how music should be made. I'm not saying l'm a skilled musician, but me and Angelo – who's a great musician – have an instant dialogue."

"Angelo inspires me and I inspire Angelo by talking and nodding and making gestures."

"Angelo locks into the thing. And then goes till that's, you know, exhausted. So he like finds it, then, you know, builds on it. And make a piece. Some pieces are short some pieces are long, but they all live within this certain thing that's found."
"The beginning dictates the direction and he never know where its gonna end up. But the mood is something that you're looking for and somehow we always find it. But it takes a kind of a strange dialogue and action and reaction with the music Angelo's playing to get there."

Angelo Badalamenti

"David just has this tremendous feeling for music. He's got great ears and he hears everything. He hears all the little inner voices. He hears everything you're doing."

''David doesn't vacillate. He just describes what he wants, and before he's finished I'm tuned in and I've already got my hands on the keyboards.''

"I felt we had an instant communication."

His Haunting Mood Music Makes Composer Angelo Badalamenti the Lynch-Pin of Twin Peaks's Succcess
by Andrew Abrahams, People, September 10, 1990

Julee Cruise

Julee Cruise She describes the music as "white angel sound."

"David doesn't know how to talk in musical terms, so he talked to me like he was directing a film. He'd say things like, 'Really sad, Julee, make it just rip your heart out!' Or, 'You're singing into a void and feel sad but not hopeless. 'His music is different from his films. He's much more tender and intimate in his music – it's as if he's whispering a secret to you in his songs."

"David's not easy to get to know. He's very careful and only trusts a few people, and though a lot of people want to claim his friendship, he has so much energy that he'd rather be submerged in his work than socialize."

Floating Into The Night 1989
The Voice Of Love 1993
Summer Kisses Winter Tears 1991

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