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Live action series shot on DV

Scene from Rabbits

"It's the most absurd, surreal, beautiful, and again, kind of stupid show." David Lynch

The live action series "Rabbits", shot on DV, hit a snag when Lynch's neighbor complained about the filming taking place late at night up on the hill behind Lynch's home. "He hates my guts!" says Lynch with apparent bitterness. "We built the set – it was a little amphitheater with three DV cameras, three monitors, and a microphone so I could talk to the actors. It was a slick set-up – real poor man's set-up, but good. Then my neighbor complains to the city, and I had to get extra lawyers, but nothing worked, and then the set had to come down. They force you to do something traditional like renting a studio or something." However, Lynch is still working on the series.

“Rabbits”, in contrast to the stark black-on-white of Dumbland, is rich with somber blues and grays, and features actors wearing rabbit heads. To picture it, imagine "Good Night Moon's" dark side, and a format that's like a sitcom without the comedy. Instead, situations are made strange by the realignment of audience responses to mundane non-events. It's definitely disturbing – disobeying the rules sometimes has the effect of making you realize how stupid those rules are.

Lynch has been writing episodes of "Rabbits", but says that he likes to discover a series as he goes along.

Dumbland and Rabbits, as well as any other ideas that flower into something showable, will “air” on Lynch's new Web site,, which he likes to refer to as a TV station and which Eric Bassett, a designer based in Laguna Beach, California, is helping create.

By Holly Willis, RES - The Future of Filmmaking, Vol4 No 2

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