The City of Absurdity   ERASERHEAD 1976
"In heaven everything is fine..."

The BabyHenryLady in the Radiator

dedicated to Jack Nance (1943-1997)

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  About the Film

David Lynch

"The whole film is undercurrents of sort of subconscious ... You know, and it kind of wiggles around in there, and it's how it strikes each person. It definitely means something to me, but I don't want to to talk about that. It means other things to other people, and that's great."

"In Eraserhead, there are a lot of openings and you go into areas and it's all...There're sort of like rules you kind of go by to keep that feeling kind of open and I don't know, it's real important to it. It's more like a poem or a .... more abstract, even though it has a story. It's like an experience."

"Eraserhead was born in Philadelphia."

"It was a strange life. For the first time I really lived beneath the surface. I was never aware of anything normal. I was only aware of this world of fear and art. I lived inside that cocoon of fear."

"I had a very happy childhood. These things in Eraserhead come from somewhere unseen; it's not a surface kind of thing... If it's from my own life, I don't see it. It's from so far inside, hidden, that it can only come out in an idea, which kind of balloons out. I don't know where it comes from."


Jack Nance

"He showed me this little script he had written for Eraserhead. It was only a few pages with this weird imagery and not much dialogue and this baby kind of thing."



  Further Information

About the film
Cast & Crew talk about the film

Is there life after birth?
great article and interview with Lynch from 1978

Lynch on Jack Nance

Jack Nance Donut Death by Doug Jackson, 24 Frames Per Second, December 30, 1996


The Baby

Film Data
Cast & Crew plus other data

In Heaven
by J.D. Lafrance, 1997

Ray Wolfe's Online Guide to Eraserhead
A comprehensible approach in trying to decipher Eraserhead


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