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For a millennium the space for the hotel room existed – undefined. Mankind captured it and gave it shape and passed through. And sometimes when passing through, brushing up against the secret names of truth.

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  About the TV Show

Barry Gifford

"The only rules regarding composition were that the action take place in specific years – Tricks, for example, is set in 1969 - and be set in a particular New York City hotel room (numbered 603), the corridor immediately outside the room, and the hotel lobby. A bellboy and maid, the only continuing characters in the series, were to be included in the plays at my option...
Blackout was written in two days with the admonition from Messrs. Montgomery and Lynch that it be "something our grandmothers could watch." I told Monty that would not be a problem; I'll write the play, I said, you guys gag and tie up the old ladies."
(taken from Barry Gifford's Preface to his book of teleplays)

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  Episode Info

1 Tricks
2 Getting Rid of Robby
3 Blackout

An Asymmetrical Production
Produced by Deepak Nayar
Executive Producer Monty Montgomery & David Lynch

Directed by David Lynch (1,3), James Signorelli (2)
Written by Barry Gifford (1,3), Jay McInerney (2)

Cinematography by Peter Deming
Music by Angelo Badalamenti
Edited by Mary Sweeney (1), David Siegel (2), Toni Morgan (3)
Production Design: Patricia Norris

Episode 1: Tricks

Set in the year 1969
The pace of the play is slow but tense, the actors' movements almost agonizingly exaggerated, their words deliberate with a kind of mock profundity. The impression should be one or two steps removed from reality.

Harry Dean Stanton as Lou Boca
Glenne Headly as Darlene
Freddie Jones as Moe

John Solari: Cop #1
Carl Sundstrom: Cop #2
Clark Heathcliffe Brolly: Bellboy
Camilla Overbye-Roos: Maid


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Episode 2: Getting Rid of Robby

Set in the year 1992

Deborah Unger as Sasha
Griffin Dunne as Robert
Chelsea Field as Tina
Mariska Hargitay

Camilla Overbye Roos: Maid
Clark Heathcliffe Brolly: Bellboy

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Episode 3: Blackout

Set in the year 1936

Grispin Glover as Danny
Alicia Witt as Diane

Clark Heathcliffe Brolly: Bellboy


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Hotel Room Trilogy: Tricks - Blackout - Mrs. Kashfi.

by Barry Gifford
1995, Paperback
Price: $10.36

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