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a film by David Lynch
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Patricia Arquette: Renee Madison/Alice Wakefield
Bill Pullman: Fred Madison
Balthazar Getty: Pete Dayton

Natasha Gregson Wagner: Sheila
Robert Blake: Mystery Man
Richard Pryor: Arnie
Robert Loggia: Mr. Eddy/Dick Laurent
Gary Busey: Bill Dayton
Lucy Butler: Candace Dayton
Michael Massee: Andy
Jack Nance: Phil (Mechanic at Arnie's Garage)
Henry Rollins: Prison Guard Henry
Jack Kehler: Guard Johnny Mack
Michael Shamus Wiles: Prison Guard Mike
Ivory Ocean: Prison Guard Ivory
David Byrd: Doctor Smordin
Gene Ross: Warden Clements
Giovanni Ribisi: Steve "V"
Al Garrett: Carl
Heather Stephens: Lanie
Scott Coffey: Teddy
John Solari: Lou
Carl Sundstrom: Hank
Lou Eppolito:Ed
John Roselius: Al
F William Parker: Captain Luneau
Guy Siner: Prison Official #1
Alexander Folk: Prison Official #2
Greg Travis: Tail Gate Driver
Mink Stole: Forewoman
Leonard Termo: Judge
Lisa Boyle: Marian
Jack: The Dog Marilyn Manson: Porn Star
Twiggy Ramirez: Porn Star
Jennifer Syme: Junkiegirl
Jenna Maetlind: Kimmy (Party Girl)
Leslie Bega: Raquel
Amanda Anka: Girl



A CIBY 2000 and Asymmetrical Production
A Film by David Lynch
Produced by
Deepak Nayar
Tom Sternberg
Mary Sweeney

Directed by David Lynch

Written by David Lynch and Barry Gifford

Cinematography by Peter Deming

Music Composed and Conducted by Angelo Badalamenti

Additional Music by Barry Adamson

Edited by Mary Sweeney

Sound Design by David Lynch

Production Design and Costumes Design Patricia Norris

Set Decoration by Leslie Morales

Casting Johanna Ray and Elaine J. Huzzar


Other crew

1st assistent director: Scott Cameron
prop: Craig Sherman Hall
Make-up: Debbie Zoller
hairdressing: Kathleen Norris
Still Photographer: Suzanne Tenner
first assistent: Matt Sigloch
second assistent: Gil Combs

Other Data

35 mm CinemaScope, Ratio 1:2,35 CFI, Dolby Stereo

Running Time: 135 minutes
Budget: $US 15 000 000
Location: Los Angeles, Death Valley, CA

more about technical aspects
David Lynch and cinematographer Peter Deming talk with Stephen Pizzello about many filming aspects of Lost Highway.

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