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A 21st Century Noir Horror Film.
A graphic investigation into parallel identity crisis.
A world where time is dangerously out of control.
A terrifying ride down the Lost Highway.

(David Lynch, 21 June 1995)


  About the Film

David Lynch (Director/Writer/Sound Designer)

"You're sitting quietly, and something unfolds in your mind..."
"It's a dangerous thing, you know, to say what a picture is. I can't really talk about that. I can say, it's, you know, it's...I wouldn't be able to say it in a short, you know, time."

" It's about a man in trouble...a psychogenic fugue is the type of trouble."

"And it's maybe beautifully uneasy."

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Barry Gifford (Co-Writer)

"This story is really about a man who creates a situation, finds himself in a dire situation and has a kind of panic attack. And that he really has a difficult time in dealing with the consequences of his action. And this action fractures him, in a way."

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Patricia Arquette (Renee Madison/Alice Wakefield)

"I think it's about a man trying to recreate a relationship with the woman he loves so that it ends up better. Fred recreates himself as Pete, but the element of distrust in him is so strong that even his fantasy turns into a nightmare."

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Bill Pullman (Fred Madison)

"It's a very, kind of scary movie, and very enigmatic - a lot of questions it raises."

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  Further Information

About the film
Cast & crew talk about the film.

taken from the press release.

Story Board
25 pages with about 200 film stills along with script excerpts.

On Location
Visit the Lost Highway Hotel and the Madison House.

Lost Highway shot in Baker
By Veronica Hill, December 15, 1995

Film Data
Cast & Crew plus other data.

About the music, lyrics, track listing and more

Lynch & Rammstein
How come there is a German band on the soundtrack?

Script alterations

Here you can order the script (including film stills & interview).

Lost Highway: Unveiling Cinema's Yellow Brick Road
academic paper by Reni Celeste

On the Lost Highway: Lynch and Lacan, Cinema and Cultural Pathology
academic paper by Bernd Herzogenrath, 1999

More Deeply Lost: Lost Highway and the Tradition of Alienation in Film Noir
by Simon McKenzie, 2003

Lost in Dakness and Confusion: Lost Highway, Lacan, and film noir
by Thomas Caldwell, 1997

David Lynch Keeps His Head
by David Foster Wallace, 1996

29 Interviews & Articles

over 20 reviews by Marina Warner (Sight and Sound), Donald Lyons (Film Comment), Roger Ebert etc.

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