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  Nadja 1996

– hurry the dead travel fast –

Written and Directed by Michael Almereyda
Executive Producer David Lynch
Produced by Amy Hobby and Mary Sweeney
Associate Producer: Andrew Fierberg

Cinematography by Jim Denault
Edited by David Leonard
Production Design by Kurt Ossenfort

Starring Elina Lowensohn (Nadja), Peter Fonda (Prof. Van Helsing), Martin Donovan (Jim), David Lynch (Morgue attendant), Suzy Amis (Cassandra), Galaxy Craze (Lucy) et al.


Nadja and her twin brother – both vampires living in contemporary Manhattan – have a parting of the ways as Nadja revels in her inherent evil. Her brother teams up with Dr. Van Helsing to destroy her in this stylish erotic thriller executive produced by David Lynch.

This black-and-white fantasy follows the escapades of Dracula's daughter Nadja, who's living a bohemian lifestyle in New York's East Village. Dr. Van Helsing, the famous vampire hunter, has just put an end to the Count's nocturnal activities. So Nadja and her ailing twin brother Edgar are left to carry on an unwanted family tradition. But she's beginning to feel existential angst over her vampiric legacy, as she sleeps all day and stays out all night roaming the bars in search of love. Meanwhile Edgar's being looked after by a nurse who's well acquainted with the Van Helsing clan – who are painstakingly closing in on Nadja's bloodthirsty trail.

Shot using a combination of DuArt black-and-white 35mm and a Pixelvision toy video camera. A Kino Link production. Shown at the Toronto Film Festival in 1994. Score composer Simon Fisher Turner also composed the soundtracks for six of Derek Jarman's films. Additional credits: Portishead (song composers/performers), Stewart Levy (sound design), and Ed Talavera (second unit camera).

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  Crumb 1995

David Lynch Presents can be read in the main titles and that's basically all that Lynch had to do with this excellent documentary by Terry Zwigoff on the comic artist Robert Crumb who is best known as the creator of "Fritz the Cat" and "Keep on Truckin'...".


This disturbing documentary traces the lives of underground cartoonist Robert Crumb and his extraordinarily dysfunctional family. As children, the three Crumb brothers escaped from their abusive home by indulging in an imaginative life centered on comic books, but Robert is the only one who has fashioned any sort of normal existence. Now a famous cartoonist, he creates work that revels in the darker side of the human condition, hilarious and often offensive work that is obviously influenced by his troubled upbringing.

Co-produced by David Lynch and Superior Pictures Production. The Los Angeles Film Critics Association voted it Best Documentary of 1995. The film was a 1995 runner-up for the best picture prize by the National Society of Film Critics. Rated BBFC 18 by the British Board of Film Classification.

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  American Chronicles 1990-91

Executive Producer Mark Frost, David Lynch
Produced by Lynch-Frost Productions/Propaganda Films/Fox-TV

Pilot Episode: Farewell to the Flesh
Written and Directed by Mark Frost

1st Episode: Manhattan After Dark
Written and Directed by Robin Sestero

2nd Episode: High School Reunion
Written and Directed by Ruben Norte

3rd Episode: Miss Texas
Written and Directed by Greg Pratt

4th Episode: Auto-Obsession
Written and Directed by Marlo Bendau

5th Episode: Biker Convention
Written and Directed by Ruben Norte

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  Hugh Hefner: Once Upon A Time 1992

Directed by Robert Heath
Written by Gary H. Grossman, Michael Gross, Robert Heath
Executive Producer Mark Frost
Produced by Lynch-Frost Productions

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  Ruth Roses And Revolver 1987

Directed by Helen Gallagher
Written by David Lynch
Presented by David Lynch

Lynch made this documentation (named after a film by Man Ray) on Surrealism for the British BBC television program Arena. In each program he presents extracts from what he considers films and filmmakers most significant to his own work.

Entr'acte, Rene Claire/ Francis Picabia, 1924
"The greatest influence on my work is the city of Philadelphia. Man Ray was born in Philadelphia..."

Emak-Bakia, Man Ray, 1926

Vormittagspuck, Hans Richter, 1926
"Things beneath the surface, strange feelings of death, or opposites, or time...How exciting it must have been to have been a filmmaker in the early days of cinema, because not only was it so magical to see paintings begin to move,but they could start altering time..."

Man With A Movie Camera, Dziga Vertov, 1929
Lynch quotes Sergei Eisenstein's view of Vertov "a visual hooligan!"

Blood of a Poet, Jean Cocteau, 1930
"Cocteau is the heavyweight of surrealism."

Dreams That Money Can Buy, Hans Richter, 1946
"Films should have a surface story but underneath things should happen - things should resonate."

The Girl With The Prefabricated Heart, Ferdinand Leger (from Dreams That Money Can Buy Hans Richter), 1946
"Anything that looks human but isnīt looks frightening."

Discs, Macel Duchamp, based on his own painting "Nude Descending a Staircase" accompanied by the music of John Cage (included in Dreams That Money Can Buy Hans Richter), 1946

Desire, Max Ernst (from Dreams That Money Can Buy Hans Richter), 1946
"I'm very happy to be a fellow traveller with any one of these guys..."

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