The City of Absurdity   Six Men Getting Sick 1967
"and it looked like the stomachs caught fire"


  About the Film

1 minute animation loop, projected on a sculpture screen

David Lynch

Sculpture Screen Lynch was working on a painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts: "I looked at the figure in the picture, and I felt a little wind, and I saw a little movement. From then on I knew that I wanted to make things that moved as well as things that were still."

"I was looking at a painting I had done, and it was a very dark painting. And it was in...a painting inside a garden with very tall plants. Picture it at night, and a figure not quite human coming out of the darkness. And I saw the thing move and I heard a wind, and I became very interested in animation."

"At the Academy I got this desire to see these paintings, you know, move. And I heard like little sounds and things with them. So I did an experiment in animation where I built like a moving painting.

animation loop "I built this one minute film on a sculptured screen with the sound of a siren going for an experimental painting and sculpture contest..."

"That was the very first one, 'Six Men Getting Sick.' It was actually untitled and I've since then titled it." "There's some fire involved and then they become sick."

"It started off with six heads and then arms and stomachs grew in. The heads caught fire and then all of the heads got violently sick and then it started all over again."

"Fiftyseven minutes of growth and fire, and three secondes of vomit."

"In the course of the projection, the heads were transformed into stomachs and and it looked like the stomachs caught fire. Everything started to move, contract and vomit. And then it started up again. For the soundtrack I used a siren."

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