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Cryptic Dreams, A Dead Prom Queen, Dwarf Back Talk
A guide to what Twin Peaks is all about, People, May14, 1990

The Triumph Of 'Twin Peaks'
Entertainment Weekly, April 6, 1990

Babes in the Woods
by Billy Zehme, Rolling Stone #588, Oct 4th, 1990

Risk Taker: Which TV Executive Would Be So Bizarre As to Air Twin Peaks?
By Dennis Kneale, The Wall Street Journal, April 26, 1990

The 25 Most Intriguing People of 1990
Laura Palmer: Even in death, the daddy's girl of Twin Peaks stole television's most bizarre show, People 1990

Like Nothing On Earth David Lynch's Twin Peaks may be the most original show on TV
Richard Zoglin, D. Worrell, Time, April 9, 1990

A Sleeper with a Dream After the eerie Twin Peaks, TV may never be the same again.
Richard Zoglin, Time, May 21, 1990

'Twin Peaks' to Reveal Laura's Killer
by John Carman, San Francisco Chronicle, Friday, October 26

Twin Peaks Pulled
By John Horn, AP Entertainment Writer, February 15, 1991

Lynch Encourages Campaign
By Deborah Hastings, AP Television Writer, February 25, 1991

Saturday Night Dead
Entertainment, March 8 1991

"Twin Peaks" Returns to ABC On Thursdays
San Francisco Chronicle, March 8 1991

... just won't be the same
Television Guide, June 1991

On the Air
by Alan Pergament, The Buffalo Evening News, November 15, 1990

"Twin Peaks" heads for the big screen to resolve its multiple cliffhangers
excerpts from Noel Holston TV column Minneapolis/St. Paul Star Tribune, June 28 1991

His Haunting Mood Music...
by Andrew Abrahams, People, September 10, 1990

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