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  About the music

David Lynch

"He's [Badalamenti] got this musical soul, and melodies are always floating around inside. I feel the mood of a scene in the music, and one thing helps the other, and they both just start climbing."

"He [Little Jimmy Scott] does things to a song that nobody else does. So he's an original, an original voice.
It's haunting. And it's so pure soulful."

Angelo Badalamenti (Composer)

"David said, 'I've got a TV show to do, and the music should be slow, dark, brooding, haunting. It should start with an anticipatory melody, then build slowly up to a climax - a climax that's slow and tears your heart out.' That became 'The Love Theme,' or 'Laura Palmer' theme of Twin Peaks. He'd say these things, and I'd just start improvising at the piano. It's not difficult for me - melodies come very easily. I still don't know what all the fuss over this music is about. Anyway, after twenty minutes of improvising and him saying, 'Play it slower-no, slower,' he said, 'That's IT, don't change a note, you've captured seventy-five percent of Twin Peaks.'"

On the writing of the Laura Palmer Theme:

"David would say that the music should begin very dark and slow. He said imagine you are in the alone in the woods at night and you hear only the sound of wind and possibly the soft cry of an animal. I'd start playing and David would say, īThat's it, that's it! Now keep playing for a minute, but get ready for a change because now you see a beautiful girl. She's coming out from behind a tree, she's all alone and troubled, so now go into a beautiful melody that climbs ever so slowly until it reaches a climax. Let it tear your heart out.' Not a single note was ever changed."

His Haunting Mood Music Makes Composer Angelo Badalamenti the Lynch-Pin of Twin Peaks's Succcess
by Andrew Abrahams, People, September 10, 1990


  Soundtrack CD

  1. Twin Peaks Theme 4:45
  2. Laura Palmer's Theme 5:08
  3. Audrey's Dance 5:15
  4. The Nightingale (Vocal by Julee Cruise) 4:54
  5. Freshly Squeezed 3:48
  6. The Bookhouse Boys 3:24
  7. Into the Night (Vocal by Julee Cruise) 4:42
  8. Night Life in Twin Peaks 3:23
  9. Dance of the Dream Man 3:39
  10. Love Theme from Twin Peaks 4:34
  11. Falling (Vocal by Julee Cruise)

Produced by David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti
Music by Angelo Badalamenti
Lyrics by David Lynch

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  Other music from the show

1st Season, Second Episode (1002):
Pennsylvania Six Five Thousand
2nd Season Pilot (2001):
Get Happy (sung by Leland Palmer/Ray Wise)
Meares eat Oats (lyrics)
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy: Rondo Capriccioso op. 14 Episode 2002:
You and I (sung by James Marshall, music: A. Badalamenti, lyric D. Lynch) Episode 2006:
Louis Armstrong: Wonderful World Final Episode:
Little Jimmy Scott: Sycamore Trees (music: A. Badalamenti, lyric: David Lynch)

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