The City of Absurdity   WILD AT HEART1990
"This whole world is wild at heart and weird on top"

  Sailor and LulaThe Good WitchMarietta

"If you are truely wild at heart, you'll fight for your dreams . . . Don't turn away from love, Sailor . . . Don't turn away from love . . . Don't turn away from love."

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  About the Film

David Lynch (Writer/Director)

"It's called Wild at Heart and it sort of is wild at heart."

"Its a love story in the middle of a violent, twisted, modern world."

"Wild At Heart is a road as much as the characters bump into these horrible people as you would going down a road in reality. It was a very difficult structure, you know, to have the film move forward, and still be able to go off at tangents. It was a struggle. This kind of structure is something I've never attempted before, so I look on it as some kind of achievement. It allows seemingly unrelated things to happen."


Nicolas Cage (Sailor Ripley)

" I had a tremendous sense that I cared for Sailor Ripley. I just thought he was a very romantic character."


Laura Dern (Lula Pace Fortune)

"The thing that is so great about Sailor and Lula is that itīs sooo sexy because of the love. And thatīs the thing thatīs so beautiful about David. Hereīs this guy whoīs so weird and does things that are so terrifying to the psyche. And yet thereīs this purity in him and this belief in love that is almost catoonlike and childlike."



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