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Patricia Arquette (Renee Madison/Alice Wakefield)

"I play in this movie two different interpretations of one and the same woman. I know it's strange...A lot of wig work for this movie! My first concept was they were two different people. So I was thinking, looking from an acting point of view, that I was gonna make them very different. In vocal pattern, the way they moved, their laughs, and all that. So that was sort of exciting to me. But then David said: "No no no, they're the same person!". So then you have to cross a reality border cause you can't be really the same person and one of them die...'

"I think it's about a man trying to recreate a relationship with the woman he loves so that it ends up better. Fred recreates himself as Pete, but the element of distrust in him is so strong that even his fantasy turns into a nightmare."

"It's straight out scary. It's very dark. It's not for kids or for people who want some light fair."

"One of my characters is this man's wife, who's always sort of afar, and there's always this...the divorce word is always between them but they never say it. The more he needs her sex, the less she gives him. The more he needs her love, the less she has for him. It's a sort of dead relationship, this cold, adversarily relationship. He kills her and then he recreates himself as this young veral guy and has this girlfriend who needs him and wants to sleep with him and loves him and wants him to save her. But his whole fantasy again turns to shit because he's just a sick man."

"You feel David in his movies. It's another Universe he takes you to. It's like an alternate reality, close enough to our own to be really distrubing."

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