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  David Lynch- in reverse chronological order -
Mulholland Drive Interviews & Articles
a collection of interviews & article relating to Mulholland Drive

On art and digital media
Interview with French/German TV channel "arte"

The Straight Story Interviews & Articles
a collection of over 20 interviews & articles

Creative Differences
on Mulholland Drive, by Tad Friend, New Yorker, August 30, 1999

Head to Head: an interview with David Lynch
on art, by Brett Wood, Art Papers, 22/5 Sept.Oct 1998

Close Up on James Stewart: David Lynch, December 12, 1997
David Lynch talks about Jimmy Stewart and Rear Window.

Does David Lynch Have Any Idea What He's Doing With His Life?
Article from ICON magazine 1997 covering all his work from the early short films to Lost Highway (with interview snips from Lynch and others)

The World Reveals Itself
Interview with German design magazine form, 02/1997, about his furniture, films and architecture.

KCRW Interview
by Chris Doridas, KCRW: Morning Becomes Eclectic, February 19, 1997

La Leçon de Cinema
by Laurent Tirard, interview/ article from French film mag "Studio" (only in French available)

Hommage to Jack Nance
by David Lynch, Les Inrockuptibles, January, 1997

Lynch on Jack Nance
who died in 1997

Lynch on Talk of the Nation
by Melinda Penkava, August 13, 1997

Lost Highway Interviews & Articles
a collection of over 20 interviews & articles

Wild at Art
Talking Art Interview 1993, Lynch talks about his paintings.

Colleccion Imagen Interview March 8, 1992
by Kristine McKenna, interview from a Spanish Exhibition Catalogue, about his paintings, an religious experience and some philosophical aspects of his life

David Lynch on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, 1992

Cherry Pie Wrapped In Barbed Wire
David Lynch's Twin Peaks:Fire Walk With Me article, August 1992, for a German movie magazine (translated)

David Lynch on Late Show with David Letterman 1991
transcript of his Late Show appearance

Director's Notes: Like a Drug...
The Hollywood Reporter Film & TV Music Special Issue, 1990, by Andy Klein. Lynch explains how he uses music, both on and off the set.

Wild at Heart Interviews & Articles
a collection of interviews & articles mainly related to the film

Max Interview, 1990
Currently are only the pics available.

Kafka gives me a good mood
by Christian Kämmerling, interview with "Süddeutsche Zeitung" September 1990, translated from German

Czar of Bizarre
By Richard Corliss, Times, October 1, 1990

A Dark Lense on America
By Richard B. Woodward, The New York Times Magazine January 14, 1990

Twin Peaks Articles
a collection of articles related to the TV show

A Real Multi-Media Kind of Guy
By Kristine McKenna, LA Times, August 20, 1989

Blue Velvet Interviews & Articles
a collection of interviews & articles mainly related to the film

Out to Lynch
by Lou Stathis, article and interview October 1982 with "Heavy Metal"

Eraserhead: Is there life after birth?
by Stephen Saban with Sarah Longacre, article and interview with "The Soho Weekly News" October 20 1978, very interesting insight into Eraserhead.

David Lynch Quote Collection
David Lynch from A-Z in over 100 entries

Interviews & Articles related to the works of David Lynch
Jack Nance, Dennis Hopper, Isabella Rossellini, Angelo Badalamenti, Roy Orbinson, et al.

Interviews and articles in German.

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