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1980     "The Elephant Man" released and nominated for 8 Oscars.

1981 Begins work on the "Dune" screenplay.

1982 Begins contributing his weekly cartoon "The Angriest Dog In The World" for the LA Reader.

His wife Mary Fisk gives birth to Austin Jack, divorce in the same year.

1983 Begins shooting of "Dune" in New Mexico.

1984 "Dune" released.

1985 Signs contract with the De Laurentiis Entertainment Group.

Meets Isabella Rossellini.

He was introduced to her at a restaurant by a mutual friend when he was in the process of casting Blue Velvet. Struck by her serene European beauty, he told her, "You could be Ingrid Bergman's daughter." " 'You idiot,' my friend said to me," Lynch recalls, " 'she is Ingrid Bergman's daughter!' "

1986 "Blue Velvet" released. Voted best film, best director, best supporting actor (Dennis Hopper) and best cinematographie by the National Society of Film Critics, Lynch's screenplay and Dennis Hopper were also nominated for Golden Globes, and Lynch was also nominated for an Academy Award as best director.

1987 Solo Exhibition at the James Corcoran Gallery in Los Angeles, California Exhibition at the Rodger La Pelle Galleries in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Awarded the first annual Rossellini Award for Film Direction. Lynch also designs the statuette for the Award, a crystal egg hatching a film strip.

several scripts (see Projects page) including One Saliva Bubble

1988 Lynch appears as an actor in Tina Rathborne's "Zelly and Me".

1989 Produces with Angelo Badalamenti and writes lyrics for the Julee Cruise album "Floating Into the Night"

"Industrial Symphony No. 1" filmed at the New Wave Festival at the Brooklyn Academy of Music

Solo Exhibition at the Leo Castelli Gallery in New York.

Solo Exhibition at the James Corcoran Gallery in Santa Monica, California

Group exhibition at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu and in the "Revelations" Exhibition at the Espace Lamartine in Paris.

Shoots pilot for TV series "Twin Peaks"

1990 First Season of "Twin Peaks" airs on television.

"Wild at Heart" wins the Palm D'Or at the 43rd Internatinal Film Festival in Cannes for best film

Lynch: "It was a thrill beyond the beyond. There's just nothing better, really, you know for me."

Directs several commercials and the music video "Wicked Game" for Chris Isaak.

exhibitions at N. No. O Gallery in Dallas, Texas and the Tavelli Gallery in Aspen, Colorado

1991 Exhibition at the Touku Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo

Twin Peaks canceled after two seasons.

Receives the first Franklin J. Schaffner Alumni Medal of the American Film Institute.

Directs "Unfinished Sympathy", a music video for Massive (Attack).

Produces with Angelo Badalamenti the Julee Cruise version of "Summer Kisses Winter Tears" for the soundtrack of the Wim Wenders film "Until the End of The World".

produces documentation "American Chronicles"

1992 "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me"

"On the Air" airs on ABC and is canceled after three of seven episodes

3 Episode Series "Hotel Room" for HBO, Lynch directs Episode 1 and 3

Signs three picture deal with French Production Company CIBY 2000

Exhibition at Sala Parpallo - Palau Dels Scala May to June in Spain

Directs commercial for "Gio", Armani

His longtime partner Mary Sweeney gives birth to his second son Riley.

1993 Twin Peaks Introductions for Bravo Cable Networks with Catherine Coulson

Produces with Angelo Badalamenti and writes lyrics for the second Julee Cruise album "The Voice of Love"

directs several commercials.

Lynch is the Head of the Jury at the Venice Film Festival.

1994 Coffee table book IMAGES containing movie stills, paintings, photographs and meaningless conversations released, (you can order the book here).

1995 Does a lot of painting and works on several screenplays (see Projects page).

Writes script for "Lost Highway" with Barry Gifford and starts filming in L.A. and Death Valley.

1996 Continues filming and post production of "Lost Highway".

Executive Producer and cameo in "Nadja".

Contributes "Premonitions Following An Evil Deed" to "Lumiere et compagnie"

1997 "Lost Highway" released

January 14th - February 22nd: exhibition at the Piltzer Gallery in Paris
March 19th- April 13th: exhibition of photographs in Japan
April 5th- June 8th: group exhibition of photographs at the Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnatti (with Dennis Hopper, John Waters, and Tim Burton)
August 14th 1997 - February 22nd 1998: group exhibition of photographs at the Seattle Art Museum entitled "Night and City": Homage to Film Noir

Directs a commercial for a home pregnancy test and 4 ads for the SciFi channel.

In April 1997 he presented a furniture collection at the world's most important and famous furniture exhibition, the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy.

Swiss company "Casanostra" produces and distributes a collection of his furniture.

1998 David Lynch executive produces several films for his new company, the Picture Factory. He also works on a new interactive project.

on August 25th release of the Jocelyn Montgomery album "Lux Vivens" featuring the music of Hildegard von Bingen.

September - October filming of "The Straight Story" in Iowa and Wisconsin.

1999 "Mulholland Drive" script finished, shooting of the pilot in LA in February.

"The Straight Story" wins the European Film Award. ABC rejects Mulholland Drive.

2000 David Lynch creates a cartoon series for the internet, called "Dumbland". Directs commercials for JC Decaux and Playstation2.


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